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SAP - SAP Tables

There are 4 Table-Types within the SAP System:

  • Tables which have technical control functions within the SAP system. They are maintained either by SAP or by users with special authorization.
  • Other tables contain basic commercial data (bank data, currency …).
  • Tables for the organization of a company (company codes, customer data …).
  • Tables for application data, which contain business transactions and master data and are processed using SAP programs.

The most important SAP tables (functional and technical), including:

  • SAP-FI: Currency, bank data, payment methods, calendar, taxes, accounting documents,
  • SAP-CO: Cost center, cost elements, profit center,
  • ABAP: The Data Dictionary, User and System Administration, SAP Workflow, Number Ranges and some other SAP basis tables.

TIP: Via the SAP data model, (using transaction code SE11), the SAP table structure (list of table fields) can be viewed.

List of SAP Tables

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